Polaroid Originals Colour film for Polaroid 600 Camera - White Frame [4670]

Polaroid SKU: 4670
Polaroid Originals Colour film for Polaroid 600 Camera - White Frame [4670]

Polaroid Originals Colour film for Polaroid 600 Camera - White Frame [4670]

Polaroid SKU: 4670
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All new Polaroid Originals film for your Polaroid 600 Camera


Fresh from the Polaroid Originals laboratories and production machines in the original Polaroid factory in Enschede we are proudly introducing this game-changing colour instant film for Polaroid 600 cameras.Thanks to an innovative colour protection formula that greatly improves the opacification process, Colour Protection Film finally allows for easy shooting without the need for immediate shielding of the photos. It also delivers a never-before-seen colour saturation, a completely new level of detail, sharpness and overall stunning image quality. It's finally bringing back the unique iconic performance and look of the most successful classic Polaroid films.


How it looks

The new Polaroid Originals film for Polaroid 600 cameras has a unique vintage look and feel to the photo. Bringing back the true essence of instant photography with the excitement of variable results and not knowing what you've taken until the development process is complete. This film is perfect for those seeking a heritage finish to their photos with an emotion and feeling that can only be achieved through a Polaroid instant photograph. Check out the sample gallery below for the type of results you can expect.

8 Steps to bring your Colour Protection Film in to the world

I. Use your films as soon as possible after purchase. Store unopened film pack in the fridge. Allow to adjust to room temperature before shooting.
II. Use PX 680 film with Polaroid 600 cameras. Please check here for camera compatibility.
III. Set lighten/darken wheel/slider in the middle position when using PX 680 Colour Protection.
IV. Hold camera stable, especially at low light levels.
V. Shoot in temperatures between 13 and 28° C (55 – 82° F).
VI. Press the shutter release to shoot your photo.
VII. Without the need of haste put the photo in in a bag, pocket, book or let it develop face-down outside direct sunlight. Colour Protection photos will take 30-40 minutes to fully develop.
VIII. Adjust the lighten/darken wheel/slider to enhance and fine tune the results of further photos.
Enjoy the colours!

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