Panasonic HC-X1500GC Pro Video Camera 4K60p 10bit 24x

Panasonic HC-X1500GC Pro Video Camera 4K60p 10bit 24x

Panasonic HC-X1500GC Pro Video Camera 4K60p 10bit 24x

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The Panasonic HC-X1500GC Pro Video Camera is the industry's smallest and lightest 4K 60p camcorder. This compact body packs a remarkable 24x optical zoom performance and pro functions like RTP live streaming into an easily handheld camera with no compromise in quality.

If you're shooting behind the scenes (BTS) in HD and would like to add 4K to your repertoire, the Panasonic HC-X1500 UHD 4K/Full HD Director's Camcorder can help balance your needs, or allow you to jump straight to 4K. Compact and lightweight for a director or on-set BTS, the X1500 shoots and records UHD 4K at broadcast-compatible frame rates, so it fits smoothly into your existing broadcast workflow.

The X1500 features a 1/2.5" 8.29M MOS sensor that is always shooting at 4K resolution, the Venus processing engine to scale the 4K image for Full HD delivery, and an HDMI output. Audio is recorded in up to 24-bit PCM via the built-in microphone.

A Leica Dicomar lens provides excellent image-quality and both practical, and impressive versatility, sporting a 24x optical zoom and 25mm wide-angle. Additionally, digital iZoom feature can be used to zoom up to 48x. The Face Detection AF feature allows you to track faces and automatically adjusts focus on your subject. It also features manual control rings, a control dial, and a 5-axis optical image stabilization to keep your shots steady. The 3.5" fold-out LCD features a high-resolution touchscreen. Two SD card slots, allows you to use relay and simultaneous recording. The camera also supports live streaming over 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi via RTP/RTSP/RTMP/RTMPS streams.

You also have the option to add the VW-HU1 top handle unit which is available separately and provides two 3-pin XLR inputs, a built-in LED light, a microphone holder, and accessory mounting options.

Full-HD 1080p Live Streaming to Facebook / Youtube and more.

Whether you are asked to set up a direct livestream of an isolated event, or do reoccurring video streaming jobs for the same venue, the Panasonic HC-X1500GC Pro Video Camera will have you covered.

The Panasonic HC-X1500GC Pro Video camera is fully compatible with RTSP/RTP/RTMP and RTMPS video streaming to Facebook, Youtube and other platforms. Enabling distribution of live shows, music venues, sports events, news flashes, vlogging and any content you may want to stream directly to your audience via popular channels for such content.

Wireless Control from a Tablet or Smartphone

Content creation in isolation or remote rigging just became a lot easier. The HC-X1500 features a built-in Wi-Fi module for wireless camera settings and lens control via Panasonic's HC ROP app.

Key Features of the Panasonic HC-X1500GC Pro Video Camera with 10bit 4K60p and 24x Optical Zoom

  • Robust recording in 4K 10-bit 60p with new HEVC 200Mbps Codec
  • 25mm Wide-angle lens with 24x Optical Zoom
  • Face Detection AF/AE
  • 1/2.5" 8.29M MOS sensor
  • Capture up to UHD 4K video and output via HDMI.
  • Live stream using RTSP/RTMP/RTMPS streams via Wi-Fi.
  • In 4K recording mode, the camera utilizes 5-axis optical image stabilization (O.I.S.).
  • Dual manual lens rings.
  • Built-in selectable ND physical filters.
  • Recording in either MP4, MOV, or AVCHD Progressive.

Small, Light & Fully-Featured 4K 60P Industry Pro Camcorder

Excelling in mobility and portability, this compact camcorder strikes the perfect balance between weight and advanced functionality.

25mm Wide-angle lens with 24x Optical Zoom

Get more in the shot when filming indoors or in confined spaces without sacrificing reach when you need it thanks to 24x optical zoom (25-600mm 35mm equiv.)

When shooting 4K content the HC-X1500 can achieve a total of 32x zoom using it's i.ZOOM digital zoom feature, and unbelievable 48x zoom in full-hd resolution.

High-Precision Autofocus Optimised for 4K Video

Achieving a sharp shot is all the more challenging with often unforgiving 4K resolution. Panasonic's Face Detection precisely captures subjects on-site free from out of focus problems and insufficient exposure. Also, by adding skin tone recognition the subject tracking is improved, and without interruption locks on when the face moves to either side.

4:2:2 10-bit Internal Recording

The Panasonic HC-X1500GC records a 4:2:2 10-bit colour profile of up to LongGOP UHD 29.97p/25p (150 Mbps), or FHD 59.94p/50p (100 Mbps) with SD cards. It also outputs 10-bit UHD 59.94p/50p images via HDMI.

Hybrid O.I.S. Optical Image Stabilisation

In both UHD/FHD modes, in addition to Optical Image Stabilisation, Electronic Image Stabilisation detects and corrects handshake in the 5-axis direction. The Ball O.I.S. System reduces friction in the drive section, especially improving the correction of small-amplitude blurring.

Heat-Dispersing Design

A new ultrathin fan disperses heat in a camcorder with integrated lens and 4K 60p recording. It is the industry's smallest and lightest unit with low power consumption.

Versatile Recording Modes

The HC-X1000GC supports a high bit rate of 200 Mbps for 59.94p/50p video recording with HEVC (LongGOP/10 bit 4:2:0/MOV) codec, and 120/100fps* Super Slow-motion with 10-bit recording in FHD.

* 59.94Hz: 120fps, 50Hz: 100fps

Pro Camcorder Controls made for real world filming.

Two Manual Rings for direct camera control

The camera body features two manual control rings, one dedicated to focus and the other for zoom or iris (aperture) operation. Use of different size rings for the front and rear rings make it easy to distinguish by feel alone when you need to react quickly in documentary or news settings.

ND Filter

Easily match the shooting environment and 'nail' that exposure perfectly every time with built-in 1/4, 1/16, 1/64 or Clear ND lens filters for maximum flexibility.

3.5" LCD Touchscreen

The approx. 2,760-k dot LCD monitor provides high legibility in bright light, and the electrostatic touch panel offers easy menu selection. Simultaneous LCD/EVF output constantly displays the LCD monitor image whether the EVF is being viewed or not, useful if the talent insist on seeing themself or for one-man-filmmaking. 270° screen rotation offers practical viewing angles.

Double SD Card Slot

Means unlimited relay recording by simply changing SD cards, and also allows simultaneous recording and background recording for high recording reliability and instant video backups.

User Buttons!

An impressive 38 functions can be allocated to the User Buttons on the HC-X1500GC. There are a total of 12 User Buttons: five on the body, and seven on the LCD Touch Panel. The O.I.S. and AE LEVEL buttons can also be used as User Buttons.

Tiltable Viewfinder with Eyecup

The 1,560K-dot-equivalent colour viewfinder can be tilted for added convenience and the large eyecup fits either eye comfortably.

  • MPN - HC-X1500GC
  • GTIN - 8887549830976

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