Olympics POL-E03A Oring for PT-E03

Olympus SKU: 159365
Olympics POL-E03A Oring for PT-E03

Olympics POL-E03A Oring for PT-E03

Olympus SKU: 159365
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Olympics POL-E03A Oring for PT-E03

It may look simple at first glance. However, the Olympus POL-E03A O-Ring for the PT-E03 is very important because it specifically prevents water from entering the underwater camera housing. Therefore, the success of your underwater photography rests in this replacement O-ring material which is made of elastomeric rubber for flexibility and resilience especially against increased water pressure. This item perfectly fits the designated O-ring groove in the underwater case and it must only be used with a compatible O-ring grease.Â

Water won't bother
The O-ring serves as the buffer between the water that will try to enter the camera housing and the digital camera in use. If you use one that is not in top condition, water flood inside your set-up is highly possible and it can destroy the camera itself. Therefore, proper care and maintenance is needed for this underwater camera accessory.

The POL-E03A O-Ring suits the front lid of the PT-E03 Underwater Housing for the Olympus Evolt E-410 Digital Camera.

Amazing grease
Using the right amount of compatible grease will help the O-ring function at its best. Applying too much of it will cause it to bulge which can allow water to easily penetrate the housing. Excess greace can also attract more foreign objects like dust, sand, and hair which can cause water to seep through the protective case. On the other hand, using less grease will cause the O-ring to dry up and crack against water pressure. Also, the grease is not a sealant. Rather, it allows the O-ring to reshape itself to maintain its effectivity and protects it against abrasion which puts the camera in danger.

Proper maintenance
When the O-ring needs to be cleaned, it should not be pryed out with a sharp object. Rather, an O-ring remover must be used to detach it properly. Likewise, the O-ring must not be stretched when being wiped with a cloth. Finally, the groove in the underwater housing must be cleaned so that the O-ring can be mounted firmly.


  • Authentic Olympus accessory
  • Made of elastomeric rubber
  • Replacement O-ring material
  • Prevents water from entering the underwater camera housing
  • Perfectly fits the designated O-ring groove
  • Used with a compatible O-ring grease

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