Cokin H250A P-Series ND Grad Filter Kit

Cokin H250A P-Series ND Grad Filter Kit

Cokin H250A P-Series ND Grad Filter Kit

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Cokin H250 P-Series ND Grad Filter Kit

The Creative Filter System: Graduated

Grads can be vital in enhancing the tones and colours in your photos

Graduated filters have a colour or tone which graduates gently over all or part of the filter and deepens towards the top. Cokin graduated filters come in a variety of colours including Graduated Blue, Graduated Tobacco or Sunset, and can be used to add vivid colour and interest to otherwise bland skies, sunrises and sunsets. Graduated filters are available in subtle or vivid depths of colour and either short or gradual changes in tone from top to bottom.

Cokin Graduated Grey

Cokin's Graduated Grey is a graduated netural density (ND) – and this filter should be in every camera bag. It blocks all parts of the colour spectrum evenly so it doesn't shift the colour balance of the image.

Extremely useful in all outdoors photography, it really comes into its own on overcast days, when there is a big difference in brightness between the flat, white clouds overhead and the landscape itself. Unlike the human eye, your digital sensor cannot record detail in both heavy shadows and bright highlights simultaneously.

Exposing the image for the sky will turn the landscape unacceptably dark, and exposing for the landscape details will make the sky so bright that almost all the tones are lost: "burnt out" to white. In this situation there is often no detail left in the sky to be enhanced in image editing software, and the real potential of the image is lost.

With a Graduated Grey, the top area darkens the sky as the picture is exposed for the landscape, maintaining detail in both landscape and sky – without any distinct colour change. Cokin Graduated Grey filters are available in a variety of strengths and gradations to cater for all situations.

The Cokin Creative System advantage

Screw-in grad filters simply rotate the angle of the graduation but cannot change the vertical positioning. The advantage with the Cokin slot-type filter system is that the filter can be moved up and down in the adapter to accommodate the photograph and its composition.

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