Cokin BP400A Filter Holder

Cokin BP400A Filter Holder

Cokin BP400A Filter Holder

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Cokin BP400A Filter Holder

Cokin P Series Filter Holder BP-400 is recommended for focal lengths from 28mm onwards with 35mm format.

The notches found both on the filter-holder and on the edge of round filters enable you to rotate the round filters to just the right position.

Adapter rings available for a wide range of sizes up to 82mm

Flexible system allows multiple filters to be stacked in the holder

The most popular filter system

Quick to set up and easy to use, Cokin CREATIVE filter-holders are conceived to facilitate the work of those who have made the judicious choice of filtering directly, while shooting. Their lightness and flexibility of use offer two major benefits: on one hand, they do not alter the fluidity of manual focusing, and on the other hand, it exerts no strain on the built-in motors of auto-focus or zoom lenses. The materials used in its manufacture resist large temperature changes and the ‘granite’ coating of the filter-holder is always agreeable to the touch, no matter what the working conditions. Although it may not be immediately apparent due to their simplicity, Cokin CREATIVE filter-holders are a remarkable compilation of technologies and a fantastic industrial accomplishment!

Be creative

Dozens of filters are available. You can combine them to achieve amazing effects. Your only limit is the size of your memory card!

The most popular filter system

Cokin CREATIVE Filter System is the most acclaimed system in the world. Since almost 40 years, millions of users has been adopted it!

Easy to use

Screw the adaptor ring onto your lens, snap the filter holder, slide one or more filter(s) and you're done. It's child's play !


Cokin CREATIVE Filter System is compact and easy to carry. Even with several filters attached, it remains very light.

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